Emilie Iliff, MS, LAMFT

Emilie helps couples with their relational and intimacy concerns, as well as adult individuals.

Over a decade ago my husband and I unexpectedly found ourselves in a therapy room for marriage counseling. Little did I know that our experience would change the trajectory of my career. It sparked a desire to become a therapist myself. A few years later I earned my master’s degree from Brigham Young University. My clinical experience has been all across the board. I’ve worked in a sexuality clinic, foster care homes, a psychiatric/behavioral hospital, private clinical practice, and at BYU’s student counseling center. All of these experiences have made me a well-rounded therapist and have provided clarity on my clinical focus. My current focus is working with couples with relational and intimacy concerns, individuals exploring their spirituality and self-worth, anxiety, and depression.

My hope for every person whom I work with is that I can be a stepping stone on their path to recovery and healing. I know from personal experience that growth is not easy but it’s worth it. I’m happy to say years later, my husband and I are still married and have three girls and a fourth on the way! When I am not working at the office I am busy with my kids, squeezing in a yoga practice, creating art, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.