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Cameron A. Lee, MAS-MFT, LMFT, BHP

Passing of Cameron A. Lee

It is always difficult to express the intense feelings of losing somebody close to you. A Family Works Counseling has lost our friend and colleague Cameron Lee. One of our Associate Therapists, Cameron was the victim of a tragic accident at his home and passed away on Wednesday, June the 24th. This sudden loss has been especially difficult for his immediate and extended family, to his co-workers and his clients. We all know him as pleasant, full of charm and kindness, and displaying a calmness which is highly contagious. He has had a positive impact on hundreds of people through his life, and while we know his influence stays with us, he will be greatly missed. There’s only one Cameron. His pleasant demeanor and ability to laugh at himself were some of his more apparent strengths, but he also knew how to rise up in the face of challenges, and he served as a quiet example of perseverance and moral character.
We will be grieving this loss here at AFWC, and anyone who would like to join us may watch the funeral service with the link provided here. Cameron’s family has graciously given their consent to share this. Services will be on Monday, July 6 at 10 am.

In addition, the second link is available to those who wish to express their gratitude and be generous with his family. Any donation through this link will go directly to his wife, to help cover these unexpected funeral expenses and damage to the home. This is an opportunity for us to help Cameron’s family in their time of need, as he has done for many in their time of need.

Go Fund Me for Cameron’s Family